I work with founders of scaling B2B startups to get marketing back on track. We’ll work on your go-to-market strategy, then I’ll dive into execution with your team.

Here’s how to work with me:

Interim Fractional Consultant Advisor
Time frame Until FT hire Min 6 months 6 or 12 weeks Min 3 months
Works with Whole team Whole team Stakeholders 1-2 people
Best for Stabilizing team Fixing strategy Specific issues Sanity check
Engagement Embedded Embedded Limited Slack + booked calls
Investment / mth 5 figures USD 5 figures 4 to 5 figures 4 figures

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How I think about strategy:

Here’s a video, a blog post, and a LinkedIn post about my framework for go-to-market strategy. In summary: the physics of your business model dictates what your marketing should look like.


A Simple Way To Build Your Go-To-Market Strategy

David Fallarme on LinkedIn: Your startup’s growth depends on your primary GTM. Avoid wasting runway… | 57 comments

How I think about execution:

Unlike most other marketing consultants, I love getting my hands dirty and getting into the weeds. I also love mentoring and coaching marketers. For my interim + fractional engagements, part of my job is to level-up your team, so they’re better off for having worked with me.

Here’s some of my writing that gives you an idea of how I work:

The 3 Variables That Marketers Have to Balance